Concert on the Green

My life is now complete.  Lets go back a bit.  I am a band nerd.  I LOVE symphonic/orchestral/big band music.  LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

We were invited to a “concert on the green” for Sunday night. My good friends daughter is an INCREDIBLE vocalist.  She’s a sophomore in high school.  I love hearing her sing.  In fact, I told her if she were to live with me, she’d never be allowed to STOP singing.  Anywho, we decided to go and support said fantastic vocalist at this Sunday evening event. 

When we arrived, it was SO MUCH MORE! The group performed, M did a solo (and smoked everyone else around her!!!) and we sat and enjoyed.  After the high school performers, they brought out a local band who did country covers.  And then??? The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra.  I died.  Completely.  I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. 

We were on a golf course in a lawn chair listening to the JSO.  With skydivers landing around us.  And at the end, fireworks were lighting the sky.  While the JSO continued to play.  It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Concert on the Green

Here are some more scenes from our evening:


Top, Kevin and myself; top right, Presentation of Colors; bottom left, Crossroads Band; bottom right, dinner. 

I was ill prepared.  I had no idea the size or nature of this event.  Now I am MUCH looking forward to this for next Memorial Day! There were families that had HUGE table set up with gourmet picnic spreads! I was so jealous! Picnic-ing is my thang!!

Now, I’m going to prepare my house for Tuesday, cooking out with my little family and getting ready for the arrival of house guests and a family friends wedding next weekend! A busy week ahead.  Planning is going to be key for success!!

Have you ever happened upon an event that made you squeal with glee?

What do you do to prepare for houseguests?


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