WIAW: Healthy-ish

So.  I have decided that bloggers are more dramatic than the average bear.  First I’ll share my own story.  Saturday, after lunch with the ladies, I went to Target.  Now, let me preface this by saying, I haven’t felt all that great for a few days.  I think I’m not sleeping well and it’s flowing over to the day. (Let’s blame this on Ian going into the Coast Guard, can we??)  Of course.  Anyway, I had a headache and my head felt foggy. Well, I went into Target and wasn’t in there very long because I just wasn’t feeling great so I grabbed a couple of things we needed and checked out.  My plan was to stop at the grocery store to get my meat for the week.  Well, when I came out of Target, I couldn’t find my car.  I remember specifically I parked right beside a cart corral because I had to SQUEEZE out of my car.  Well, my car wasn’t in the spot.  Nor was it next to any other cart corral.  My car had been stolen! My knees were weak and I was certain I was going to pass out.  I had my phone out dialing 911.  I looked up and realized.  There were 2 entrances.  And I had come out the wrong one.  Yep.  Found my car! Anyway, the whole blogger dramatics thing was confirmed this week when I read one of my favorite blogs: Monica had a scary experience with her knee.  Go read it.  You won’t be sorry.  Made me feel better about losing my car!

Well, lets move on to food, shall we? Now remember, I have had a foggy headed week so I’ve been forgetting to take pictures like I would like to. 


This.  Right here.  Is my favorite meal ever and it has made appearances here before.  Chicken and bean bake.  I originally found this on Racheal’s blog. I love it because it is easy peasy and it can be tweaked however you need it to work.  Whatever I have green in the freezer I use, this time was brussels sprouts.  I tossed some olive oil, dried basil, dried parsley, garlic powder and onion powder, tossed some chicken legs that had been salt and peppered on top and baked.  I wasn’t feeling well so 3 minutes and a gourmet dinner is in the oven.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Now, above, I had some left over alfredo in the fridge that I added some avocado to.  Delicious! My absolute favorite snack that I am ADDICTED to is these granola bars.  Addicted.  Can’t stop.  That empty bowl represents ginger cats.  That is how good they are.  They get in my mouth so fast there is no time for picture taking! Last but not least is this pie.  I have watched these in gas stations since we moved here.  I finally bit the bullet and bought one.  Curiosity=satisfied.  This was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten in my life.  Gross!

Now, eats that have not been photographed, a toasted bagel with whipped cream cheese topped with a sliced boiled egg, OMGYUM! Banana dogs, a deli turkey and cheese roll, and Click protein drink have all been great fillers that seem to hold me for a while. 

What do you eat that extends your satiety?


Friend Makin Monday

Hello! Welcome to a brand spankin shiny new week!! Mine has started off ho-hum but it will not END ho-hum! I didn’t wake up in time this morning to do a WRI but I WILL get it in this afternoon.  I also have a little aggravation going on in my lower back.  Maybe I slept wrong? It just lets me know it isn’t happy with me whenever I move. Any movement.  Haha! Well guess what? I’m not happy with it either!

Let’s move on to today’s questions, shall we?

1. If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be? Um… probably an Avocado, although this is technically a fruit… I guess I am a little fruity.

2. If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why? I would definitely be a rich person’s lap dog.  Because, who wouldn’t want to be?  Coddled, hand fed and treated like the queen I am? Yes, please!

3. If you could live anywhere on this planet, and take everything that you love with you, where would you choose to live? Tell the group about your choice. I would live on the beach.  Specifically? Wow! This is a hard one! Costa Rica I think.  It is beautiful, laid back, everything I want in life!

4. What favorite color are you and how does being that color make you feel? I would be baby blue.  Soft, breezy, easy on the eyes, just all around relaxed!

5. If you could choose an imaginary friend, who would you choose and why? My imaginary friend would be Jessica Pearce from Suits.  She would tell me all of Harvey Specters secrets!!

6. If you could sit on a bench in a beautiful woods, who would you like sitting next to you on the bench and why? Forrest Gump.  That dude had some awesome park bench stories!

7. Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night? Please share why you picked your time of day? I am twilight.  It is when everything is winding down, the ferociousness of the day has past and the bedtime rituals haven’t yet begun.  It is a moment to just be.

8. If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why? I am actually really enjoying my current age.  I have some great times coming to me in the next few months, I am finally recognizing who I am and what I need in my life.  It’s pretty great, I tell ya!

9. If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play? I would be a lead attorney in the story of all the greatest television attorneys.  I’m into attorney shows recently, can you tell?  It would have Alicia Florrick, Will Gardner, Harry Specter, Jessica Pearce, Olivia Pope, Will Truman, Miranda Hobbes, and PLEASE let there be Dan Fielding!

10. If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why? Mickey Mouse.  We met, but didn’t have time for a conversation.  Oh the things that must be in the Mouse’s mind!

Pick one question and answer! If you have a blog, we would love for you to link up! Head over to Sarah’s house and see what she had to say and leave your blog link as well!


Food and Fitness Plan

So… I’ve had a pretty amazing week.  You? I received an e-mail letting me know I had been selected as a FitFluential Ambassador.  Holy Cow! This is an amazing opportunity that I’m going to grab by the horns and ride all the way to the bell!


Saturday, I met with some ladies I met through MeetUp.com.  Almost all of us have just moved to the area and it was a great meeting.  There were 6 of us and everyone was so comfortable together.  We met for coffee and then progressed to a café for lunch.  We laughed and talked and made plans.  It was really enjoyable!

Now, let’s talk about next week.  I have my meal plan and fitness plan all ready to go!

Running with Racheal
Sunday: BBQ Ribs in the crockpot, boiled potatoes and a veggie
Monday: Alfredo, Salad
Tuesday: Chicken n Bean Bake
Wednesday: Fish N Chips
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner
Friday: leftovers/take out?
Friday evening or Saturday is my grocery day so I’ll have a new menu plan for those days at the end of the week.
Monday: Walk/Run Interval (WRI), convict conditioning
Tuesday: WRI, Yoga
Wednesday: WRI, Convict Conditioning
Thursday: WRI, Yoga
Friday: WRI, Yoga
Saturday: Bike/WRI
Sunday: Rest day
Head over to Racheal’s blog and see what she has on the docket for this week.  She is a great inspiration for me!

Friend Makin Monday

I am a rebel.  I’m posting Friend Makin Monday Tuesday.  I remembered it was Monday last night about… sometime in the middle of the night. When I read Sarah’s FMM post, the questions were fantastic so I decided I could NOT miss out! They were submitted this week by Tyra and she did a wonderful job!


Without further ado!

1. Would you rather go without television or fast food for the rest of your life? Definitely without fast food.  We very rarely consume fast food at this time.  However, not sure I cold live without SOA! I am already looking forward to re-watching the series!

2. Would you rather have permanent diarrhea or permanent constipation? This question literally made me laugh out loud! Do you think it is more pleasant to go or to need to and not be able to? I will definitely have to say I’d rather have permanent diarrhea! Constipation makes me want to poke my own eyeballs with ice picks!

3. Would you rather be handsome/beautiful and dumb or be ugly and really smart? If I have to chose either, I’d chose smart and not pretty.  Because someone always finds someone pretty, right? And if you’re smart, you can make a lot of money and have plastic surgery! Then you’ll be pretty and smart! WHOOOHOOO! Look at me exercising my smartness already!

4. Would you rather be always be cold or always be hot? I’m going to go with cold here.  Just like Sarah said, you can put clothes on but you can’t go naked.

5. Would you rather be deaf or blind? This one is a toughie! I going to say deaf. You can read lips, get an implant, learn sign language, or any other number of remedies I haven’t had to think about.  If you are blind, that pretty much is it. 

6. Would you rather eliminate hunger and disease or be able to bring lasting world peace? I’m going to go with hunger here.  If no one were hungry, then things wouldn’t be said out of “hanger” therefore, might lead to world peace? But then again, if we had world peace, everyone could work together to make sure everyone was fed… why can’t everyone just get along?\

7. Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island alone or with someone you don’t like? Alone! I am one of those people that doesn’t give people multiple chances to irritate me.  Therefore, if I don’t care for you now, that is not likely to change.  I am a firm believer that people don’t change, they just become more of themselves.  Thank you for that wisdom, Oprah!

8. Would you rather see the future or change the past? Neither.  Everything in my past has brought me to where I am and I LOVE my life.  I am an extreme worrier so if something was happening in the future that would bring stress upon me, it would give me a heart attack, no doubt!

9. Would you rather be three inches taller or three inches shorter? Well, I’m only 5’4 to begin with.  Would 3 inches shorter make that much of a difference? I would definitely want to be a bit taller. 

10. Would you rather wrestle a lion or fight a shark? Neither! That’s all I’m going to say about that.  I’m certain either of them would win.

Pick a question.  Any question, answer it! I can’t wait to hear your Would You Rather answer!


Tour Through Blogland

Hey! Remember me??? I have been living life and not bloggin about it! Crazy, right? I have been busy soaking up every single moment I can as a household of 3.  We have just over 2 months until Ian leaves for basic training so making memories is my primary focus for the time being.  We have a “vault” where we put funny moments (Ian’s bagel dance) that we can pull out when we miss each other.

Well, I want to blog more during this time also, because I am still on this whole healthier living journey thing and I need to be accountable! Easier said than done, yes? Anywho, today, I am taking a break for both of these things and joining Susan on a tour of blogland! Susan was one of my roommates at FitBloggin this year and, after getting to know her through her blog, I was DELIGHTED to learn she was just as wonderful in person.  That isn’t always the case so I consider myself beyond blessed that all 3 of my roommates were great!


So, the idea of touring blogland is to get to know more about me, as well as Susan and those I invite to participate.  You can follow the links from each persons post to find more and more wonderful people who live in this wonderful little online world.

About me: Welcome to my life!

faces of me

1) What am I working on? Surviving??? No, really.  We are going to Florida to have a going away party for Ian, he wants to see his friends because after basic training, we have no idea where he will be stationed.  I am also trying daily to eat better and feed my family better, as well as preparing myself emotionally for Ian leaving.  This sounds (I feel???) like I’m making way more of this than I should but OH MY WORD! We have been attached at the hip since he was born!

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? I don’t think it does? We all face the struggles of healthy living.  Our struggles may not be identical, but no matter, it is hard! Fighting being derailed, it is more mental than anything, and that is a hard battle.  Where I’m not a binge eater, I don’t LOVE exercise.  Someone else may be the opposite, they love to exercise, but they also binge.  Either way, it is a struggle and we just need to back each other up no matter what.  We are all in this together and it is just a little bit easier when you have back-up.  Bottom line, the struggle is real my friends!

3) Why do I write/create what I do? Accountability.  Fat lotta good that’s done me, yes? One of these days it will click.  I’ve made great strides health wise, I just need the scale to equate with the healthiness, I’d be a “success story”. Also, writing things out helps me look back and see what has or has not worked, I can redo meal ideas, keep track of activities we’ve done, places we’ve been, anything a “diary” would do.

4) How does your writing/creating process work? Well, I just open my brain and dump.  That is partly why I don’t write more often.  When I have something to say, I say it.  Otherwise, it will be radio silence here.  Sorry bout that.

I did invite a couple of bloggers to join me.  I haven’t heard back from them but if/when I do, I will update here and add their information! If you have a blog and would like to participate, leave a comment so we can check your blog out!

Edited to add: my brilliant friend Sarah will be doing a tour on September 1st.  Go see her and see what she has to say!

Sara and me


Jasper’s 1st Birthday

Edited to add: it is now Tuesday night and I’ve been asleep practically since I’ve been home, unless I was working.  After a major traffic jam and detour over a REALLY bad bridge (I HATE bridges!) we finally made it home after 16 hours in the car!

This has been a whirlwind weekend.  As I type this, Ian and I are traveling back home on Monday morning (Ian is driving, duh!).


Ian and I left at about 530 Friday morning to make the journey to Florida for my nephew’s 1st birthday party.  When I woke up about 430, it was storming very bad.  I am not a relaxed traveler so traveling in that kind of weather would make it worse.  I looked at the radar and we would be riding in that weather for about 6 hours.  I seriously contemplated not going.  In the end, I put on my big girl panties and got ready.  The radar did not lie and we were in seriously bad weather from our house to almost the Alabama/Florida line.  When I finally let Ian take over at that point, I had been so tense, I felt like I had a knife sticking under my right shoulder blade.  It is still knotted.  I did get some Tiger Balm, however, I never used it.  Turns out, it doesn’t work if it remains in the tub you buy it in.  Imagine that!


Despite the bad weather, we had a really good travel experience.  Not traffic back ups and we only past one accident and that wasn’t even in the bad weather area.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  We also made really good time.  It took us no longer than normal to make the trip (12 hours).


I did begin the long weekend on a semi-healthy note, I packed tons of water and nuts, protein bars, and had a PLAN.  We did stop at a casino in Biloxi, MS for breakfast.  I tracked all of my food and had my plan for dinner, which I stuck to.  Even though I never traced my dinner, I’m sure I only went over my calorie budget but a little.  I shared an entrée with my mom and had a salad.  Saturday morning began another story.  Lack of sleep and time led to way too many bad food choices but I do not regret a bite.  I enjoyed it, made good choices when possible and did what I went to do: had an absolute amazing time with an absolutely amazing little 1 year old angel baby!


I did take a few pictures of some food, but for the most part, I took pictures of family, about a million of the birthday boy, and was virtually absent from social media all weekend. 


In order that I remember, I consumed:

Saturday breakfast was an egg mcmuffin, hashbrown and diet coke from McDonalds, a venti non-fat caramel macchiato from Starbucks. I was running on about 4 hours sleep for the second night in a row, so a few hours later when I was running errands, I got an iced venti non-fat caramel macchiato, a piece of beef jerky and some Skinny Pop pop corn.  That stuff is good! I found it at Sams but didn’t get any.  When I ran into the store to pick up something for the party, I saw it and grabbed it.  Good choice!! Later that afternoon, Everyone was hungry for lunch but hadn’t taken the chance to eat because we were in party-prep mode, so Ian went to Wendy’s and grabbed us lunch.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and about 1/2 order of fries.  I also had another diet coke.  I was on a 3 week stretch of no soda until this weekend.  Boo! At the party I had a slawdog and some potato salad.  Before going to bed, I had a hamburger that I had saved from the party.  I was starving!


Sunday morning, I enjoyed a piece of birthday cake.  It was delicious and made by Jaspers mommy’s mommy.  It was pretty, too! My mommy also made us breakfast of fried eggs, grits and bacon.  I enjoyed 2 eggs, about 1/2 c of grits and 2 pieces of bacon.  I didn’t eat again until dinner, where we enjoyed (I use that term loosely because it was a terrible restaurant experience!) a seafood meal.  I ordered a fried oyster basket.  I had the oysters and 2 hush puppies, none of the fries and a side salad. 

I didn’t eat a LOT of food, but I ate nothing healthy.  This morning, we did enjoy breakfast at Chick-Fil-A because, well, Chick-Fil-A.  Nuff said, yes? We also enjoyed (needed!!) my standard (see above) coffee at starbucks, as well as a Kind bar. 


We are going to stop at the National Naval Aviation Museum for a bit and then have lunch at Moe’s.  I’m craving veggies.  Imagine that! We may need another coffee.  Again, we had very little sleep this weekend.  There was too much to do and too many babies to play with! Hopefully, I am now back on track!

Tomorrow with be fruit, veggies and exercise!

Edited to add: I am PARTIALLY back on track. I will be 100% back tomorrow!

Do you find it easy to get back on track after you’ve had an indulgent weekend?

I use to not be able to get back on track at all. That is definitely one of the positive changes I’ve made in my life, learning to enjoy and let go!

Do you get stressed when you indulge? I am, fortunately, learning to not let it stress me, again, to enjoy and let go!


Friend Makin’ Monday: Home

Friend Makin Mondays

If you’ve taken part in Friend Makin’ Mondays before then you are familiar with the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has the opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to read and comment on a couple of other posts.

This weeks topic is about the reasons we love living where we do now or where we grew up.

I am going to talk about where I live now. Louisiana.  Before I moved here this past December, I had never lived anywhere other than a 50 mile radius of the hospital in which I was born, minus a stint in Alabama from infancy to early toddler due to the military.  So, basically, I’ve never known of living anywhere else except northeast Florida. I have always wanted to be adventurous and try living somewhere else, but how does one do that? When Kevin’s mom got sick and we had to move, I was scared and excited all at once! This is a BIG DEAL! No one in my family (immediate an extended), except 1 person (I think) has ever moved away! For the first 4 or 5 months, anytime we would get in the car, I would repeat: I can’t believe I live here!

The things I love about living here, it seems to be so much slower paced than Florida.  Most people put value on family and spending time together and leisure rather than things and high paying, high powered jobs.  Don’t get me wrong, there are people here that have VERY nice homes and cars, but the norm seems to be people work to live, not the opposite.

Also, I love that anytime we go somewhere new, we find something exciting.  A new body of water, mostly! There are trails, activities, camping sites, every where you turn. Going to the bank one day, we happened upon this store that has the most amazing fudge and any candy you would ever wish for!

Candystore in Rayne

Candy store in Rayne

I also love that we are no more than a 2 day drive from anywhere in the US. That may seem like a lot, but coming from the far corner of the US, this is a big improvement.

The most important thing I love about where I live? I’m here with my 2 favorite people! Whenever I’m with them, I’m happy!

Kevin and Ian

Kevin and Ian